Food empire – Case Study #1

The idea behind this blog is to discuss legal ideas and concepts for non legal people. One of the best ways to discuss ideas and concepts is though examples. Examples to see how legal concepts and concerns can assume importance in any business situation. This is the first post of my “Case Study” series, where…… Continue reading Food empire – Case Study #1

The best legal advice

The purpose of this blog is to give advice to entrepreneurs who are faced with legal documents or issues. And after giving it some amount of thought, and after taking into account all of my legal experience, I zeroed it down to the following: “Hire the best lawyer you can!” Now some of you must…… Continue reading The best legal advice

The Why

When I created this blog, I had a couple of ideas for what my first post would be about. But after giving it a lot a thought, I thought the most important thing that I wanted to communicate first was ‘The Why’! In my career as a corporate lawyer, I have had the opportunity to…… Continue reading The Why